In plain English

I started this blog writing in my native tongue, Romanian. It’s easier to write using the language you know best. At least for those of us that actually know their own language. But then again, there are things that cannot simply be translated. It just isn’t the same. They get lost in translation, so to speak. The first example that comes to mind, is a joke:

An Australian soldiers goes to enroll into the British army. The British officer asks him:

“Did you came here to die”. And the Australian replies:

“No, I came here yesterday.”

So, in order to be able to share with you stuff that only makes sense in English, I’ve started this new category. And like the other blog categories, this one also has a graphic symbol resembling the main “redeight8” logo, that will appear in the top right corner of each English post. This brings the redeight8 logo family to a total of 12:

red eight - logos - cat

But I’ll have to be careful, if I don’t want to end up looking like this guy:

red eight - logos-tube

red eight - logos - english

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