One of those people

We are all consumers. We work all day so we have money to spend. Sometimes for fun or entertainment, but most of the times just to survive, to live another day, and consume some more. Weather you buy products, pay bills, or simply pay for services, you usually interact with other people. Sometimes the daily routine makes you visit the same places, interact with the same people. You may not know their name, but you’re polite, make small talk, try to be cheerful. You see these people almost everyday. And then you see them on the street. And you can’t remember where you know them from. You’re absolutely positive that you know them from somewhere, but you just can’t place them in a certain spot. You cant’s talk to them, you don’t know their name, so you walk pass them, trying to look away.

I’m one of those people now. I’m a graphic designer at my current workplace, and I have many customers each day. Rarely the same people. Sometimes I notice them on the street and I see the expression on their faces, trying to find me a place in their memories. And then they stare, not knowing if they should say something or not. They just keep walking, without looking me in the eyes to much. It’s funny to experience the feeling from the other side.

red eight - logos - english

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